Due to the extraordinary beauty of its streets and squares, with a fantastic gastronomy and culture , it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and in Europe.


According to some authors, Madrid is cuisine that is the result of the rush of the bars and figons, of dishes prepared quickly and showing flavors to be accompanied by wines from the region. Many of the dishes that have the denomination “a la madrileña” originate from the Madrid taverns.


In Madrid, when the sun goes down is when the people wake up and go out. It is a city with an incredible night life, and sometimes it even seems that it never sleeps. For the locals, the night begins about 9:00PM. Do you want to know what to do in Madrid at night?

Art and Culture

Madrid is a major cultural capital in Europe. Explore the places and characters that raised the city to the top of the art and culture scene.


Because Barcelona is beach and mountain at the same time.

We love Barcelona, that’s for sure. It’s a feeling that can’t be explained; we could give you reasons, even from the top of our heads to come visit Barcelona (we’re about to do it, actually) but they are cold facts. To fall in love with Barcelona you need to come and feel it, meet its people, live its streets and get the local vibe.

To live like a Barcelonese, you only need to relax and enjoy little things, from trendy exhibitions, cold beers and folkloric festivals.

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