Tickets & activities



Enjoy the best operas throughout the world, from La Scala in Milan to the Teatro Real in Madrid

Cirque du soleil

Enjoy the best circus shows in the main cities

Oscars ceremony

Assist to the most famous awards ceremony in the world of cinema


Enjoy with 998 playing GOLF in Augusta National or watching NBA finals

Our variety is amazing, you can enjoy the authentic F1 in Monaco or the finals of the Super Bowl.


We have more thing to offer you, not only the list above, just tell us what you need

Porsche cars

Feel the passion of driving the latest porsche models in circuses around the world.

Flamenco and Bulls

Passion and Risk in Two Spanish Traditions.

Business opportunities

You count on 998 to develop and expand your business.


Our offer is personalized, tailor-made and designed for 998 members.

Tell us what you need and we will try to help you.

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